Cabot Capabilities and Use of Particles in Industrial Applications

Ravi Sharma
Principal Scientist, Cabot Corporation
Thursday, March 27, 2014
North Carolina State University, EB1, Room 3018 | 4:30pm

Cabot Corporation is a world leader in the production of carbon black, activated carbons, and fumed metal oxide particles. These materials are critical enablers of functions such as color, conductivity, reinforcement, rheology, and adsorption that drive performance in a range of applications in key industrial segments. Engineering materials for these industrial applications requires considerable capabilities: (i) High volume production of particles with controlled size and shape, (ii) Surface modification of particles to enable certain key functions; e.g. processing, and (iii) Incorporation of particles in a matrix of interest for a variety of end uses; e.g., conductive plastics. Case studies highlighting the use of particle surface engineering and directed assembly of particles to improve product performance will be presented.