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Alexander Richter, student of RT-MRSEC faculty Orlin D. Velev (NCSU), and founder of MRSEC affilicated start-up, Benanova, was awarded the 2015 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for work to improve agricultural pest control that could strengthen the global food supply. The Lemelson-MIT Student Prize is a national competition and recognizes student innovation and entrepreneurship. Read More.

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BENANOVA Inc. is a science startup company from the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at NC State University. The Company commercializes novel cost-efficient environmentally benign particle systems (EbNPs) made of natural materials, which can leverage the functional properties of bioactive agents. The technology was developed by Prof. Orlin D. Velev and Alexander P. Richter at NC State University.

Approximately 250 students, parents and community guests filled Gross Hall for the NC Science Festival event, hosted by the Research Triangle MRSEC. The event, geared towards making science fun and engaging the next generation of scientific and engineering minds, was thanks to the successful coordination of staff, faculty and students from all areas of science: Materials, Biomedical & Mechanical Engineering, in addition to Chemistry & Physics.

Have you ever seen origami that folds itself right before your very eyes? The main attraction, Hands-Free Origami, began with a demonstration by Professors Jan Genzer and Michael Dickey of NC State University, who showed off a simple way to convert 2D patterns into 3D shapes using light and inexpensive commercial polymers. Everyone in the audience got to experiment and make their own shapes! Following the hands-free experience, participants explored hands-on demonstrations about polymers, programmed assembly, chemistry, light, 3D printing, and biomedical engineering.

We thank the community for supporting this event through continued participation. Special thanks goes out to Marta Matsumoto, our Education & Outreach Coordinator. We look forward to continued outreach efforts bringing science to the K-12 crowd!

Hands Free Oragami

The 7th Triangle Soft Matter Workshop will be held on Monday, May 11, 2015 at NC State's Hunt Library, Raleigh, NC


The goal of this workshop is to spark interactions and collaborations between the research groups in the Triangle area. The workshop format is very informal, and an emphasis is placed on spurring conversations between researchers in all areas of soft matter research. “Soft matter” here is defined very broadly, and it includes (but is not limited to) work in polymers, colloid science, synthetic and naturally occurring biomaterials, and condensed matter physics. To facilitate interactions, all participants are encouraged to give short Soundbites of their current work and Posters with more details.

Creating large amounts of polymer nanofibers dispersed in liquid is a challenge that has vexed researchers for years. But engineers and researchers at North Carolina State University and one of its start-up companies have now reported a method that can produce unprecedented amounts of polymer nanofibers, which have potential applications in filtration, batteries and cell scaffolding.

In a paper published online in Advanced Materials, the NC State researchers and colleagues from industry, including NC State start-up company Xanofi, describe the method that allows them to fabricate polymer nanofibers on a massive scale. Read More

Abstract A simple process for batch or continuous formation of polymer nanofibers and other nanomaterials in the bulk of a sheared fluid medium is introduced. The process could be of high value to commercial nanotechnology as it can be easily scaled up to the fabrication of staple nanofibers at rates that could exceed tens of kilograms per hour. Full Paper