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The College of Engineering at North Carolina State University will open its doors to anyone with an interest in science and engineering during two events with a focus on nanotechnology, soft matter and microorganisms that thrive in extreme environments.

NC State’s annual NanoDays event and an outreach event coordinated by the Research Triangle Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) will both be held on Wednesday, April 20 on NC State’s Centennial Campus.

“Since its inception, the RT-MRSEC has been involved very actively in various forms of public outreach. We do so for multiple reasons,” said Dr. Jan Genzer, Celanese Professor in CBE and MRSEC co-director. “First, we constantly strive to increase participation and diversity in STEM fields through education and mentoring of K-12 and undergraduate students. In a sense, this is a great recruiting event for all Triangle universities and the MRSEC in particular. We also put a lot of effort toward enhancing public awareness of materials research through lectures and hands-on demonstrations (many of which we have developed ourselves). We conduct those in middle and high schools, at local colleges and in various public places. The NC Science Festival represents a true hallmark of our activities in public outreach.”

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Curious about what RT-MRSEC actually aspires to and contributes to the research community, educational outreach, diversity & materials science? This enlightening video is worth watching! Our Center encompases four Triangle-area institutions: Duke University, North Carolina State University, University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill & North Carolina Center University. This, in and of itself, adds to the diverse makeup of our students and faculty. 

The Graduate School at Duke University is committed to excellence, equity, and inclusion in its graduate programs and to creating a welcoming environment that engages all of its diversity in the intellectual development of its students. Inclusive excellence in graduate programs means not only demographics, but is also reflected in the departmental and program climate, curriculum, intellectual discourse and recruitment, retention and graduation of individuals underrepresented in the discipline, field, or area. 

The Research Triangle MRSEC will host a NC Science Festival Event on April 20, 2016. This is a FREE, family-friendly science event like no other! Our headliner is NCSU Professor Bob Kelly who will be talking all about the Science of Hypethermophiles. He will be discussing their lifestyle, show examples of his work, talking about life in the sulfur lakes in Yellowstone NP and even speculating about life on Mars. Then, we’ll all do hands-on science led by grad students & post-docs from our MRSEC NSF center!

8th Annual Triangle Soft Matter Workshop 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Duke University, Fitzpatrick Center, Schiciano A&B

The goal of this workshop is to spark interactions and collaborations between the research groups in the Triangle area.  The workshop format is very informal, and an emphasis is placed on spurring conversations between researchers in all areas of soft matter research. “Soft matter” here is defined very broadly, and it includes (but is not limited to) work in polymers, colloid science, synthetic and naturally occurring biomaterials, and condensed matter physics. In addition to the invited talks, the agenda includes alternating soundbite (i.e., 2 mins oral overview of a project – used to advertise a research project and a poster) and poster sessions to facilitate interactions.

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