Graduate Education

The objective of the Triangle MRSEC graduate education program is to build a Research Triangle wide, coordinated and synergistic materials science education program in soft matter, leveraging the curricular strengths of each MRSEC institution. In this program MRSEC graduate and other students working in soft matter research will pursue a Soft Matter Materials Science curriculum that reflects the special educational needs for MRSEC but also integrates with the course requirements of their respective home departments. These course activities will build on already existing courses at the participating universities (there are currently well over 60 courses offered by the partner universities), augmented by courses that MRSEC faculty will develop as Triangle MRSEC research progress demands. The curriculum is structured into three tracks, one track for each of the two IRGs and one track with focus on computational modeling, simulation and theory, and will be developed and reviewed on a bi-annual basis by the MRSEC Education Committee.

Reciprocal articulation agreements are already in place between Duke, NC State, UNC-CH, and NCCU at the Institutional level that ensure that graduate courses offered at any MRSEC university can be accepted for credit in graduate programs at any other MRSEC university A set of requirements will ensure sufficient depth and breadth of education and ensure that Graduate Fellows will take courses outside their home institution. These requirements are:

  1. MRSEC Graduate Fellows need to take at least 3 approved technical graduate level courses (9 cr minimum). Note: approved courses a student has taken before becoming a fellow can be counted toward fulfilling the MRSEC course requirements after approval by the education site coordinator.
  2. At least one course must be taken at a participating MRSEC institution other than the home institution.
  3. At least one course must be selected from the list of approved courses outside the chosen track. Finally, MRSEC fellows are required to participate in the Triangle MRSEC Seminar Series which entails also participation in preseminars. The seminar series carries one course credit. Fellows that have successfully fulfilled the curricular requirements and participated in outreach activities will be awarded a Triangle MRSEC Certificate.