Technology Transfer

Since RT-MRSEC’s inception, its investigators, led by Director Lopez, Co-Director Genzer, and IRG Leaders Chilkoti, Rubinstein, Velev and Yellen, have proactively engaged in knowledge transfer and collaborations with a wide range of industrial partners, including large for-profit corporations, nonprofits, foundations, small businesses and startups. These concerted interactions form the basis for the RT-MRSEC Commercial and Innovation Partners (CIP) program and have thus far included funded research projects and collaborations, in-kind funding for research collaborations, unfunded collaborations, materials transfer agreements, equipment donations, internships and formation of startup companies. The CIP program is a comprehensive portal that provides prospective industrial affiliates a broad spectrum of mechanisms to engage with RT-MRSEC, including those listed above but also in nontraditional means such as sponsorship of lectures, seminar series or fellowships, as well as educational and outreach partnerships.