Duke University

Nick J. Carroll - Specializes in microfluidic based smart microcapsule synthesis.

Patrick Charbonneau - Specializes in polymer, protein and particle soft matter, phase transitions, and dimensionality.

Chuan-Hua Chen - Specializes in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, microsystems and nanoscience.

Ashutosh Chilkoti - Specializes in genetically encoded synthesis, in situ DNA polymers, and light scattering.

Steve Craig - Specializes in physical organic and materials chemistry.

Jeffrey Glass - Specializes in electronic materials as well as the intersection of business and technology.

Nan Jokerst - Specializes in Photonics, Sensor Systems, Semiconductors and Inteagrated Nanoscale Systems.

Piotr E. Marszalek - Specializes on structural and mechanical properties of biopolymers.

Gabriel Lopez - Specializes in bionanomaterials, silica nanocontainers, microporous and functional films.

Joshua Socolar - Specializes in quasiperiodic lattices critical dynamics in self-organizing systems.

Adrienne Stiff-Roberts - Specializes in nanomaterials resulting from quantum confinement in three dimensions.

Benjamin Wiley - Specializes in rod-like particles, open structures, nanoparticle films and nanomaterials.

Benjamin Yellen - Specializes in programmable magnetic field assembly, and ferrofluids particle manipulation.

Stefan Zauscher - Specializes in polymer brushes, in situ DNA polumerization, AFM, SPR and QCM.


North Carolina State University

Karen Daniels - Specializes in nonequilibrium and nonlinear dynamics of granular materials, fluids and gels.

Michael Dickey - Specializes in thin-films, interfaces, soft materials, and micro- and nanofabrication.

Carol Hall - Specializes in molecular dynamics simulations--particle and molecule assembly and phases.

Jan Genzer - Specializes in controlled polymerization, ellipsometry, NEXAFS, and Kerr effect.

Robert Riehn - Specializes in biophysics, soft-condensed matter, and biological molecules in nano-scale environments.

Joseph Tracy - Specializes in magnetic/anisotropic nanoparticle synthesis and assembly.

Orlin Velev - Specializes in directed and programmed e-field assembly, Janus and patchy particles.

Yara Yingling - Specializes in MD simulations of DNA & syntactomers, structure-function of biomolecules.


University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

Michael Rubinstein - Specializes in scaling theory of polymer self-assembly and computer simulation.

Ekaterina Zhulina - Specializes in the field of polymer theory and computer simulations.


North Carolina Central University

Darlene Taylor - Specializes in programmed thin film casting and polymer synthesis.